Unspoken Words

Before I write
There’s always this feeling
It’s an urge and a pain
The intersection of these two is what causes my fingers to move.
This is not just random, this has been juggled in my mind subconsciously.
I adore your smile very much. It’s almost unhealthy to say but I might just be obsessed with it.

I like to freeze moments when you have all your front teeth showing because its calming.
It’s nearly exotic but quite usual. I like the intersection of opposites. Magic is usually born from such.
I’m thinking of how to not make it fade from your lips. I hope I don’t miss the chance to do that. It’s more than a sight that I can behold, it’s medicinal maybe? I don’t know. But I know it heals something within me.

You might be wondering why all these gibberish? Do I tell everybody the same thing?
Yes, I do. Absolutely! I adore beauty.
The good thing however is, I hate cliches so everything I say will be peculiar to you and no one else.
I’m not as observant as I’d want to be on a normal day but I try to pay attention to the detailing of human existence.
It’s exhilarating, baby, to study your details.
I haven’t been exposed to nearly 20 percent of your details.
But the few, quite frankly, are intriguing. I hope you get to understand that.
No matter how hard it may take you to believe that, I hope in moments of despair, that knowledge, comes to you. To remind you of your absolute imperfect perfection.

I hope you know about turning nothings into somethings.
If you happen to not know about that, then alas!that will set the premise to what I’ll put together next for you.

I hope you feel good, real good. The kind of good that seems not have any explanation attached. The pure kind. The liberating kind.
And when eventually, the time comes, I hope you are courageous enough to pause for happiness, if need be.

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